Ilana Garber – Hold

Ilana Garber

Ilana, a native of New Jersey made Aliya in 2009. Shortly after settling down in Zichron Ya’acov with her husband and four children, she fell in love with the local real estate market, and was licensed as a broker. When she met Ari Shapiro it was clear Ilana’s place was at Hold.

Ilana leads two divisions at Hold: she runs the firm’s brokerage division which provides personally tailored services to foreign residents seeking luxury homes, and is responsible for Hold’s US operations – bringing investment opportunities in Israeli residential real estate to the Jewish American community.

Her strong people skills, background in design and eye for style, make Ilana the perfect broker. She can read between the lines, understand her clients’ needs (sometimes even more than they do) and show them only the most suitable and relevant properties.