10th July 2017: Israel’s Northern District Committee for Planning and Building Committee intends to greatly upgrade Tiberias with the addition of a high-tech and commercial park as well as an urban park for leisure activities.


The Planning and Building Committee of the Northern District of Israel has submitted plans to construct a high-tech and commercial center in Tiberias. This includes 59,200 square meters for office areas and 8,700 square meters for commercial space. With a total of 67,900 square meters, this increases by 60% the existing commercial space (80,000 square meters) available in the city’s Egoz district.


An urban leisure park as well

This development is a major step in the Tiberias master-plan. In addition to high-tech areas, there will be offices, restaurants, showrooms, cafes and ample parking lots and underground parking. All these will form part of an attractive and modern employment complex. The high-tech park will be located on 112 dunams of land, in the west part of the city and to the east of Poriya junction.


City plans also include an urban leisure park of 36,000 square meters, located to the north of the high-tech park. This open public area will serve as a focus for leisure activities served by bicycle trails and pedestrian paths.


Transportation is a priority

City planners in Tiberias are determined to ensure that transportation issues are well covered. The new network of roads, bicycle paths and pedestrian routes will connect with a large transportation center that will be built to the south of the employment area. This center will also be served by train. Together with parking facilities, this will make living in Tiberias very convenient.


Uri Ilan, chairman of the Northern District Planning and Building Committee, said that: “The high-tech and commercial park in Tiberias is another important element in the city’s development. Young people who decide on Tiberias will find quality of life, institutions and wide public spaces, as well as many opportunities for quality employment. I’m confident that companies will be attracted to establish themselves in the city”.

The Israel Land Authority initiated the Tiberias plan, which was created by Korin Architects.


This article is based on a YNet Real Estate article written by Billy Frenkel and published on 10th July 2017 –  https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4987162,00.html