Our Team

Ari Shapiro
CEO & Founder

With a passion for real estate and a hunger for success, Ari is the driving force behind Hold. His infectious energy, creativity and entrepreneurial nature lead him to finding the most interesting opportunities the market has to offer.
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Julian Nathan
Head of Hold South Africa

Currently in the process of making Aliya from South Africa, Julian Nathan comes to Hold with 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. As head of Hold’s South African operation, Julian ...
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Edward Lazarus
Head of Hold United Kingdom

As UK lead for Hold, Edward brings 15 years experience in overseas property marketing, and is keen to take you through the benefits of buying in this exciting and lucrative market.
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Avishai Shklar
COO & Marketing Manager

Shortly after joining Hold to run operations and marketing, Avishai became Ari's trusted right-hand person. As COO, Avishai is responsible for identifying new investment opportunities across Israel, finding...
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Diana Khinitch
Investor & Customer Relations

Diana’s primary responsibility at Hold is managing investor relations, dealing with financial and legal aspects related to investor transactions, and acting as the local liaison. She manages...
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Etay Shenhar
Project Manager

Etay is Hold’s "man on the ground.” He spends his days on site, supervising projects, and making sure deadlines are kept and special requests are followed. Throughout the construction process...
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Ilana Garber
Head of Consumer-Focused Brokerage
Head of US Operations

Ilana, a native of New Jersey made Aliya in 2009. Shortly after settling down in Zichron Ya’acov with her husband and four children, she fell in love with the local real estate market, and was licensed as a broker. When she met Ari...
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