Antigonus 5


Crafted with the ambition to surpass conventional standards, the building showcases meticulous aesthetics, featuring an exposed concrete finish, retro-designed main doors, and enchanting landscaping on its façade. Albert Escola’s minimalistic foyer greets residents with a homely ambiance upon entry.

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Live in the heart of Tel Aviv

luxury apartments in a prime location.

 In every detail, ‘5 Antigonus St’ reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, offering a living space beyond individual definitions of quality.

Boutique building with seven floors.

10 Min walk to Kikar Hamidinah and Mezizim beach.

Estimated delivery Q2 2026


From Nis 4.900.000

Property Type:

New development. Delivery Q2  2026


3,4,5 & 6 Bedroom apartments including garden and Penthouse

Unit Size:

Details on request


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A range o apartments,  all meticulously planned with high-end finishes.

20% deposit required to secure the property with linear payments untill delivery. 

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