Customer-Focused Brokerage

Hold’s brokerage services are designed to guarantee that we find your perfect home, and meet the unique needs, preferences and personal lifestyle of you and your family.

We focus exclusively on representing buyers, assuring that each and every one of our clients is shown only properties that are that are relevant and meet their requirements.

We offer everything a buyer may need:

  • Scouting for properties on your behalf
  • Presenting and discussing options with you before you arrive in Israel
  • Organizing and guiding your tour of properties once you arrive
  • Asking all the right questions and getting all the answers
  • Assisting in negotiating deals, and providing you with a team of legal, financial and design professionals to help you make the right choices
  • Supporting you through post-purchase decisions, right up to the day you move in to your new home, and beyond

For more information please contact Julian Nathan