Post-Sale Services

At Hold, we realize that signing purchase contracts is just the beginning of the journey, and everything that comes afterwards can be a little overwhelming, especially when you live overseas.

To help our clients overcome these challenges, we offer a range of support services.

Basic Post Sale Service Bundle

Part of our basic service offering is post-sales management, which includes guiding you through milestones decisions from the moment of purchase and all the way through to hand-off, making sure everything is running smoothly and on time.

1. Legal guidance

Provided to you by a specialist in property law and international investments in Israel.

2. Mortgage brokering

Hold matches you up with a professional mortgage broker and manages the process of securing a home equity loan on your behalf.

3. Engineering supervision and Design decisions

We supervise construction work making sure every detail is dealt with in the most precise manner and that execution is perfect.  We help you select everything from floor tiles, bathroom fixtures, and a kitchen for your new home.

Design Services

For those who seek upgraded interiors and home styling, we offer an extended design package which includes working alongside a professional designer to make sure your vision comes to life. We’ll provide you with you everything, from sourcing carpentry work and lighting to selecting home appliances, furniture and accessories.