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Grab Hold of your future, invest in Israel.

This article delves into Israel's evolving real estate landscape amidst significant global shifts, particularly following October 7th. It also encourages potential investors to consider their budgets and long-term plans when starting to think about buying an apartment in Israel.

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Grab Hold of Your Future: Invest in Israel, the Jewish Homeland.

Everything changed on October 7, 2023  

The past few months have been a stark reminder that the future is never guaranteed. To speak about the future of real estate in Israel, one has to address the significant impact of October 7th and how the world has changed since that fatal day. The start of the War of Iron Swords marked a pivotal moment, ushering in a significant shift in the Jewish world. 

In the wake of these transformations, many families are contemplating the future with a new perspective. Israel remains the steadfast Homeland of the Jews, a place with an enduring connection, a place where we will always be protected and we can plan our future. 

Our world has never been more connected to a singular place. Yet, many people feel intimidated by the thought of property ownership in Israel. I’ve been there too! Times have changed, and there are people you can trust with years of experience. 

If you want to take the opportunity to buy an apartment in Israel – don’t be scared!

The connection to an investment in real estate in Israel is built on the foundation of people you trust to understand your needs and circumstances. With over 25 years of assisting foreign buyers find excellent investments in Israel, our team has extensive knowledge of the market and the skills to assist you in getting there. 

Our niche focus has been the “off-plan/on-paper” model of new developments, partnering with the major development companies in Israel and bringing pre-sale opportunities in new projects across Israel.  This allows buyers more time to finance the apartments and get the benefit of the capital appreciation investors have benefitted from historically. To view our portfolio, click here

As a potential buyer, a common worry arises: Will my money be secure? Your money is safe if you work with us and our trusted developers. They all provide bank guarantees from the major financing banks. This guarantees your money is secure until your apartment keys are securely in your possession. 

Do your research and know your status! 

Are you concerned about securing a mortgage while residing outside Israel? As a foreigner living abroad, you could apply for a mortgage of up to 50%. If you are making Aliyah, depending on your status, you could qualify for a mortgage of up to 70%, accompanied by potential reductions in purchase tax. It is advisable to think about your status now and in the future. Our team can advise and assist you in this process. 

Know your budget, come up with a number you are comfortable investing in now, and get on the property ladder. The lifestyle aspects of future plans are hard to make concrete with a longer-term strategy. 

You don’t have to buy something that you will live in once you have a comfortable number in mind. For example, for a £600,000 – $800.00 investment, we have a range of investment options that you can select for delivery in 3 years’ time. 

From South Netanya, attracting new immigrants from all over the world, or the popular city of Raanana with a thriving Anglo- community and excellent schools. Urban renewal gems in Israel’s best cities- Florentin, Tel Aviv, Mekor Haim, and central Jerusalem. The options are endless. If you are ready to invest in Israel, you need a team to hold your hand through the process. 

Do not wait if you are ready to buy now! 

I’d like to leave you with the recommendations  of Naama Bognin, Chairman of the Real Estate Appraiser’s Bureau: “If you are selling an apartment, then wait, and if you are buying, then hurry up and buy

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We pray for an end to the war and the return of our soldiers, hostages, and our joy. 

Julian Nathan, Managing Director Hold Real Estate 


October 7th marked a pivotal moment, ushering in a significant shift in the Jewish world. Many families are contemplating the future with a new perspective. Israel remains the eternal homeland for Jews around the world. ...
In light of the increasing global anti-Semitism and targeted violence against Jews following the "Iron Swords" war, officials in the housing industry are already preparing for the possibility that hundreds of thousands of Jews may choose to immigrate to Israel, thereby increasing the demand for apartments. According to a report published by the government in collaboration with the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency, there has been a 1,180% surge in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide since the war began....
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