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Buying a home in one’s country of origin can be so overwhelming – imagine the confusion when dealing with a foreign country and an unfamiliar language! To bridge the gap, we have created a short definitions guide with some of the common Hebrew words used in conversations relating to purchasing real estate so you don’t get lost in translation.

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October 7th marked a pivotal moment, ushering in a significant shift in the Jewish world. Many families are contemplating the future with a new perspective. Israel remains the eternal homeland for Jews around the world. ...
In light of the increasing global anti-Semitism and targeted violence against Jews following the "Iron Swords" war, officials in the housing industry are already preparing for the possibility that hundreds of thousands of Jews may choose to immigrate to Israel, thereby increasing the demand for apartments. According to a report published by the government in collaboration with the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency, there has been a 1,180% surge in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide since the war began....
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